Who is Justin Khương?

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Cao Xuân Việt Khương (aka Justin). And this is my personal blog.

I used to be a salesperson, a book translator, a photographer, a comic artist/illustrator, a graphic designer, art director (Lowe Vietnam), creative director (Creative Bay).

Lately I decided to take the leap and set up XOẮN Creative Studio, my own multi-disciplinary creative studio with some partners, to work on commissioned digital, illustration, graphic and creative projects.

I am also the founder of an urban lifestyle brand called “Nhộng“. Drop by and pick something nice!

Hopefully you will find something interesting here.


4 thoughts on “Who is Justin Khương?

  1. Hi,

    Because you wrote this post in English, so using English in my comment is appropriate, isn’t it? Assumingly 🙂

    I like your movie reviews. They are really enjoyable. Sometimes I can find my thoughts which personally I don’t know how to express them in words, but you did it very perfectly. Thank you very much. Somehow and somewhat you enlighten my Vietnamese ^^ But, there are just reviews of The race (by the way, I absolutely share your views towards the so-called “Vietnamese movie styles”), the Hobbit and Paperman, aren’t there? I hope to read more movie reviews from your blog. Please keep writing, because you do it brilliantly 🙂

    Wish you all the best,


    By the way, your artworks look awesome too 🙂

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